How to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner

Happy Thanksgiving, sculpettes! If you are a typical Canadian, this holiday means family time and lots of wonderful food. Of course, for the health-conscious, this becomes a matter of careful balancing. How do you indulge without overindulging? How do you enjoy the holiday without feeling the binge the day after? I think the trick lies in that wonderful word in the last sentence – enjoy.

Food, after all, is enjoyable. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any trouble eating healthy all the time. If you’re invited to Thanksgiving dinner, or if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner (or both on consecutive days!) here are a few things to keep in mind:

Enjoy the luxury of time. So rarely do we get the chance to sit down with all our family members and spend the entire evening with each other with no set schedule. Why rush through the dinner just to sit around the table chatting for hours afterward? Start the first course early so that people haven’t been waiting around getting uncomfortably hungry, since this would promote faster eating. From there, take your time eating, and take your time between courses. This allows your body to process the amount of food you have eaten in time to have you feeling full before you stuff yourself.

Drink Lots
Having water before and with dinner is a really quick way to allow your body to tell you when it’s had enough. Water has no calories, but does satisfy hunger pangs quickly. Fill up on water to stay well hydrated and to avoid leaving room for extra stuffing.

Embrace the Leftovers
Leftover turkey dinner is delicious. Turkey sandwiches made from leftover turkey are delicious. Turkey soup is delicious. Leftover pies are delicious. You get the idea. Don’t feel like you have to eat everything in front of you! See how much you can keep for distributing to all the guests for the week to come.

Don’t count calories. Don’t stay away from the pies altogether. Whatever you do, do not feel guilty! But do listen to your body. Enjoy the food, but when you have eaten enough, stop. Don’t take one more plateful; don’t take one more little sliver of pie. Just stop there, and enjoy family, friends, and a pleasant satiated feeling. Not stuffed so you can hardly move. Just pleasantly un-hungry.