My favourite exercises of the week

Push ups. In Tuesday’s class, we worked to muscle failure with the push up. Working to failure is as challenging mentally as it is physically, because it means pushing through a lot of fatigue and pain. On Tuesday, we did push ups until our arms collapsed under us. Then we went on to do other exercises (abs, for the most part), and returned to push ups to failure again. Three times in total throughout the full workout. It was an absolute pleasure to watch my sculpettes pushing themselves to their limit. You’re already hurting, so you may as well get something out of it! Working to muscle failure is a really cool way to guarantee your muscles will grow back stronger.

Yoga burpees. 10lbs has never felt heavier than in this exercise! With a weight in each hand, go from a biceps curl to a shoulder press, then bring the weights to the floor. Hop back into high plank and do a push up, chest to floor even though you’re holding the weights (so you’re working harder than a regular push up because you’ve got a little extra range of motion.) From high plank, do a triceps curl with each hand, then hop back in, stand up and start over. Do these quickly to leave your heart pounding, arms and chest burning, and abs and legs feeling it too. I personally do 10 in a row, then move to the next exercise without a break.

Reverse crunch to leg lifts. Lying on your back and making sure that your abs are tight enough to keep your neutral spine alignment, straighten your legs out as far as you can. Bring them back in, bending the knees, and then straighten them up, and lift your hips off the ground. Keep your legs as straight as possible for this one, and try not to rock your legs back toward your head. Instead, lift straight up toward the ceiling. I guarantee you’ll be feeling these. I like to do 50 in a row. Did I say 'like'? Maybe that’s not quite the right word ;)

One of my personal workouts this week included 3 sets of 10 yoga burpees and 50 reverse crunch to leg lifts. I finished it off with 3 minutes of jabs on the punching bag at maximum speed. Extremely quick workout, but effective. You don’t have to work out for an hour every day to see results! I did stick around the studio to enjoy some flexibility work before heading off to wash all the sweat away :)